Praxis Series

The Praxis series of examinations was developed to assess the knowledge and skills of prospective and current teachers. Many school districts require teachers to pass one of these examinations in order to obtain licensure. In some cases, these examinations are administered to students before they begin a teacher training program. One of the ingenious aspects of the Praxis series of exams is that they are equally suited to both of these tasks; that is, they can predict performance in education programs as well as in the classroom. Prospective teachers typically take the Praxis Core exam towards the beginning of their undergraduate career.

The general nature of this examination makes it a good assessor of the basic skills required for any type of teaching. The Praxis II exams, on the other hand, are more commonly taken towards the end of the undergraduate career or even after graduation. There are three types of Praxis II exam: the Subject Assessments, which assess specific content knowledge and skills; the Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests, which assess pedagogical knowledge for different age groups; and the Teaching Foundation Exams, which assess pedagogical knowledge in five general content areas. These exams in the Praxis series are appropriate for prospective teachers who know the subject and age group they want to teach.

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