PRAXIS II Spanish: World Language Exam

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach beginning Spanish. You will be given three hours to complete this 75 multiple-choice and constructed-response question exam. The questions are based on printed and recorded materials in Spanish. The test can be broken down into the following sections:

Listening with Cultural Knowledge Practice (not scored) – 6 selected-response questions
Listening with Cultural Knowledge – 36 multiple-choice questions
Reading with Cultural Knowledge – 39 multiple-choice questions
Writing – 3 constructed-response tasks
Speaking – 3 constructed-response tasks

Cultural Perspectives
All questions in this section of the exam will be written in Spanish. This section of the exam will focus on geography, history, literature, the arts, and societies and lifestyles of the Spanish-speaking world.

Interpretive Reading
For this section of the exam you will be provided with reading selections in Spanish at various levels of difficulty. You will be asked to answer questions in Spanish regarding use of language, implied content, organization, and actual content of these selections.

Interpretive Listening
For this section of the exam you will be provided with audio recordings of short narratives, conversations, and dialogues from native Spanish speakers that will be followed by questions. The questions will cover vocabulary and structures of conversational Spanish, comprehension of cultural information into spoken material, idiomatic expressions and phonemic discrimination.