PRAXIS II Social Studies: Interpretation of Materials Exam

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach social studies at the secondary level. You will be given one hour to complete five, two-part essay questions. There will be one question in each of the following categories: economics, geography, civics and government, world history, and American history. Each question counts as 20% of the total grade for this exam.

You will be required to read, interpret, and draw inferences from social studies materials. The materials presented could be a written excerpt from a document, a quotation, diagram, cartoon, table, chart, graph or a map. There will be one question from each of the following areas: economics, geography, political science, government, civics, world history and American history. For one question you will be asked to compare American life in relationship to race, culture and gender to life in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Oceania.