Praxis Core Writing Exam

The Praxis Core Writing Test is divided into two sections, the multiple-choice questions and the essay. The multiple-choice questions have a time limit of 30 minutes. The essay has a time limit of 30 minutes on the PRAXIS Writing exam.

The multiple-choice questions can be further broken down into 25 “mistake” questions and 20 “rewording” questions on the PRAXIS test. The “mistake” questions have five answer choices with choice (E) always being “No Error”. You are required to look for grammatical mistakes within each sentence and identify were the mistake occurs.

You should spend most of your time on the final 20 questions. These 20 questions require you to reword a part of a sentence for a clearer meaning and proper grammar. Answer choice (A) will always be the sentence fragment repeated. In some cases, no change will be required and answer choice (A) will be the correct answer with the final 20 multiple-choice questions on the PRAXIS.


Two reviewers grade the PRAXIS essay. Each reviewer scores your essay on a 1-6 point spread. The points are totaled leaving a range of 2-12 available for this part of the PRAXIS.

You have only 30 minutes to develop your ideas on the PRAXIS essay. Moreover, you are limited to only 2 pages of writing space. PRAXIS essay reviewers are looking for a sample of your writing that demonstrates good sentence structure, appropriate grammar and logical flow of ideas. Be sure to include specific examples that support your main idea in the essay.

Please review the below sample PRAXIS essay topic:

In the late 1990’s families began moving into more urban areas in search of higher paying jobs. The average family in America has more representation in the work force of the late 1990’s. Discuss the disadvantages and advantages of these changes in today’s modern family.