Praxis Core Test Information

You should answer PRAXIS exam questions using “book” knowledge. On the Praxis Core, prospective teachers are being asked to demonstrate a minimal level of competency. Praxis Core test writers are covering all their bases and focus on questions that are sometimes unrealistic in today’s world. Generally, the correct answer is the answer that is the best answer. The old slogan of “Choose the Best Answer” applies to Praxis Core test takers. Praxis Core test writers are trying to make sure that you are competent with your academic skills. It does not test your practical teaching techniques that you learned in college.


Another key point for reviewing for the Praxis Core is to know your basic math formulas. Helpful mathematical formulas are not found on the Praxis Core. Moreover, numbers will not be labeled as variables to be plugged in to memorized formulas. Praxis Core test takers must memorize the basic math formulas. Focus on geometric shapes and simple equations. The underlying answer for each math question is somewhat challenging. As you are practicing for the Praxis Core pay close attention to the decimal placement with all math equations. Be aware if you are supposed to move the decimal to the right or left on different math problems. If you are unaware of where the decimal should be placed, you will have only a minimal chance of picking the right answer.

PRAXIS Writing

It is also important to note that the writing section of the Praxis Core requires a strong understanding of sentence structure. Knowing the placement of the verb and direct object is great; however, you must be able to decipher every word in the sentence to correctly rule out the inappropriate answers on the Praxis Core. Remember the guideline: know your parts of speech. Basically, understand the grammatical and parts of speech within the same sentence to understand the underlying word usage techniques on the Praxis Core.

PRAXIS Reading

Finally, develop your comprehension skills with reading. Take time to read various scientific journals and magazines. In addition, thoroughly read each reading passage. Do not try to skim over the passage and pick up the main idea. Even if you are an extremely slow reader you should finish each passage in less then 2.5 minutes. Identify the main ideas and relationships within these writings. The Praxis Core is attempting to determine your reading comprehension not your “skimming skills.”

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