Praxis Core Reading

The PRAXIS Reading Test covers comprehension and critical thinking skills. Questions are based upon a variety of texts. The text may be only 1-2 paragraphs, or it may be several paragraphs. All questions are multiple “guess” with 5 answer choices. Many of the questions focus on comprehension and interpretation of the text.

Reading Paragraphs

The paragraphs are labeled with number out to the side to reflect the current line of the text. There are 56 questions and you are allowed 85 minutes to complete them. The topics of the paragraphs vary widely between the PRAXIS exams. Science, economics, art and philosophy are all possible topics for the Praxis Core. Try and familiarize yourself with at least one passage of writing from each of these areas before the PRAXIS test.

Passage Comprehension

Approximately half of the questions cover passage comprehension. When you read the PRAXIS reading sections, attempt to identify the main ideas and key points of the passage. You are allowed time to read each of the passages. Do not try and skim over the details of the text with the PRAXIS. In many cases the text has an underlying meaning based upon the key phrases embedded within the passages on the PRAXIS.

You are not required to study for each area of content on the reading section of the Praxis Core exam. You will not be asked to regurgitate obscure scientific or political facts. You are asked to answer the questions based solely upon the text. If you are familiar with the information within the passage, do not superimpose your impression of the information into the reading passage. Answer each question based only upon the information presented in each individual reading section on the PRAXIS test.