Praxis Core Exam

When you register for the Praxis Core exam, you can indicate where you would like the official score report to be sent. A copy of the score report will be sent to you for your personal records, but the test administrator will also send copies to any institutions specified during registration. You may have your official score report sent to as many institutions as you like. If you would like to obtain additional scoring reports from your Praxis Core exam, you can file a request with the test administrator. If you have taken the exam more than once, only your best scores will be listed on the official score report. You may send your scores to four institutions for free, there is a small fee for each additional score report you send after that. In order to obtain additional copies of your Praxis 1 exam official score report, you will need to give your social security number, candidate identification number, and test date.

You also have the right to cancel your test scores if you do not want them to be sent to the listed institutions. However, you can only cancel your test scores before viewing the score report.

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