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Passing one or more of the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests, or Praxis Core exams, is often a requirement to receive professional licensure for teacher certification. The PRAXIS Core tests are designed to be significant hurdles you’ll need to overcome in order to qualify for a teaching career. Many universities require students to achieve a minimum score on the three separate exams that make up the set – reading, mathematics and writing – before they can be admitted to an education degree program. Similarly, many states require applicants for teaching licenses to take and pass the exams in order to qualify to teach in the state.


Students may take any one of the PRAXIS Core exams separately, all of them at once, or two at once. There are discounts for taking two or three tests on the same day; test takers who choose to take the tests on separate dates will pay the full price of each individual exam. All tests are taken on a computer, as the paper testing option has been eliminated. Some universities and colleges offer the exams, and they are also available at Prometric testing centers in every state. While not offered every day of the year, Praxis Core exams are available to test takers for a few weeks every month. Their website has the latest and most up to date information on testing dates for the upcoming year.

The Praxis Core Math and Praxis Core Reading exams have a similar structure – both feature 56 questions with an 85 minute time limit. On the math exam (which has a calculator for test takers that pops up on the display), the questions are divided between selected response and numeric entry questions. On the reading exam, all questions are selected response. The Praxis Core Writing exam is a little different – test takers will have to write two essays (with a 30 minute time limit on each one), and they’ll also have to answer approximately 40 selected response questions in 40 minutes.

PRAXIS Testing Tips

Many people struggle with the overwhelming task of studying to pass the PRAXIS Core tests. This website has been created to help students overcome the challenge of these exams. Here are some key PRAXIS Core testing tips:

  1. Don’t take all three exams at the same time if you want to focus on one content area.
  2. Prioritize: Focus on your areas of greatest weakness. You have to make a passing score on each exam. Passing with a 90th percentile on the math will not help you with the writing or reading exams.
  3. Review for each exam separately.
  4. Limit your stress level before the test.

PRAXIS Information

The hours of studying and the class work finally pay off when you pass your PRAXIS Core exams. You are then free to teach and you have highly sought after job skills.

Please take the time to review all of the articles written about the exams and the pitfalls that some students fall into with the tests. Hopefully you can avoid the mistakes others have made when preparing for the PRAXIS Core and will find the information on this page to be helpful and useful.

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